CIT - Moves real hardware to the cloud LMS for IT Students - One of the first in the nation

Beginning in June, the LMS will provide a live lab of real hardware in the cloud.   This will not be simulators like other colleges, universities or distance e-learning curriculums.

Steve Mallard, Dawn Babian and Mike Miller will place an entire lab in the cloud for students to work with.  This will include Windows Server Domains, Virtual Servers, NASs, Managed Switches, Firewalls, IP Cameras, Wireless Devices and other equipment used in the Enterprise.

Being one of the first in the nation to offer over 2000 resources including PowerPoints, Videos, simulators, Learning Plans and a live lab in the cloud, TTC Shelbyville has one of the best IT curriculums in the country.  Allowing students to access the LMS and equipment 24/7/365, with onground delivery, non-profit work, internships, no other program matches the complexity and delivers this much hands-on to young IT professionals.    This combination along with Microsoft's DreamSpark gives students in this growing field the resources needed for the IT industry's growing demand for well trained and educated personnel.

The Cloud will offer:

  • 2000+ Resources (PowerPoints, Videos, 3000 freeware and opensource applications and more)
  • Real Hardware - not simulated hardware
    • NAS
    • Firewall
    • Linux
    • Windows Server 2008r2
    • Windows 8 Server
    • Windows Server w/SQL
    • IP Camera
    • Managed Switches
    • Wireless Equipment

For more information, contact the Student Services Department