Computer Information Technology

This course is designed to consist of a combination of job simulated projects providing the student with realistic "hands-on" learning experiences. Students will be provided with a first hand knowledge of the software, hardware, and operations of computers used in business and industry today. This may include building, repairing, troubleshooting, installing, networking and servicing computers and mobile devices. The instruction also includes an introduction to computer concepts, servers, keyboarding, and a thorough education in common applications (to include database, word processing, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, and presentations). Instruction continues with networking, securing, communications, multiple operating systems, and culminates with system analysis, diagnosis, and basic troubleshooting on computers and mobile devices.


The mission of the program is to provide the technical instruction and skill development for the student to become gainfully employed in the Information Technology field. 

Nature of the Work

Information Technology technicians are found in all businesses and industries. These technicians work in systems repair and networking environments in almost every commercial field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that systems analysts, computer engineers, data base administrators, computer engineers, data base administrators, computer support specialists, and other computer personnel are projected to be the fastest growing job group in the economy.

These technicians must be able to set up or diagnose malfunctioning equipment, as well as have the ability to use the proper test equipment and tools. A knowledge of all networking software and operating systems is required to meet the challenge of working with computers today. All developed skills are required to operate and maintain simple and complex units. Technicians in the area of Information Technology are vital to all forms of "systems" management in our society and are responsible for all phases of software and hardware systems.

Broad Units of Study

  • Orientation & Safety
  • Technology Foundations
  • Keyboarding (optional)
  • Computer Concepts
  • Mobile Computing
  • Introduction To Operating Systems
  • Introduction to Applications
  • Biometrics
  • Hardware Troubleshooting
  • CompTIA A+ Certification Prep
  • CompTIA Network+ Certification Prep
  • CompTIA Security+ Certification Prep
  • Advanced Networking (Pro I and II)
  • Microsoft MCTS Certification Prep
  • ECCouncil CNDA/CEH Certification Prep (Optional)
  • Advanced Wireless Networking including certification
  • Worker Ethics

Computer Information Technology Estimated Student Expenses

Part-Time Computer Information Technology Estimated Student Expenses

Programs Awards and Length

Computer Information Technology Program

Title Est. Hours Award
Desktop Technician 432 Certificate
Security Specialist 648 Certificate
Network Technician 648 Certificate
Wireless Specialist Technician 864 Certificate
Microcomputer Support Specialist 1296 Diploma
I.T. Specialist 1728 Diploma
IT Specialist Coordinator 2160 Diploma

It is possible to obtain multiple Certificates or Diplomas. The CIT program remains flexible in order to meet geographic needs of individual businesses. The core curriculum is approved by COE and statewide curriculum committees. Instructors may modify the course to exceed statewide standards for industry needs. 

TCAT Shelbyville provides 1080 hours of labs of which 350+ hours are with non-profits or maintenance in production environments.  No other program offers this amount of real world hands-on in 15 months.

National Certifications

Students are strongly encouraged/required to take and pass the following certification exams in order to achieve some of the program awards.

  • CompTIA A+
  • CompTIA Network+
  • CompTIA Security+
  • CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner 
  • ECCouncil Certified Ethical Hacker - Optional
  • ECCouncil Certified Network Defense Architect - Optional
  • Microsoft MCTS--MCITP --MCSA  

On-Site Testing is available through Prometric Testing and Vue.

Affiliated Institutions and Schools should call in advance to schedule an exam. Please do not schedule lengthy exams on Fridays.

Cloud Learning Management System

TCAT - Shelbyville's CIT program offers a LMS that provides thousands of videos, handouts, exams and other resources - available on or off campus.  Named one of the number one programs in 2011 (Computerworld Laurette - Honors Program).   The only TCAT to offer a full cloud service with virtualization in the cloud.  The Cloud LMS also has hardware in the cloud, allowing students to use real hardware from anywhere in the world.

Facts about Shelbyville CIT

  • The first CIT Program registered as a CompTIA member.
  • The first CIT Program registered as a CompTIA CLA member.
  • The first CIT Program registered as an EC-Council member.
  • Average National Certifications obtained before graduation - five.
  • Instructors - Certified in all fields taught.

Professional Organizations

The CIT program at Shelbyville is associated with or accredited by the following organizations:

Additional Standards

The CIT Program at Shelbyville meets or exceeds:

  • Department of Defense 8570.1 Tech. Lv. 1
  • Department of Defense 8570.1 Tech. Lv. 2

Certification accreditation from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) including curriculum that meets the National Training Standard for Information Security Professionals CNSS 4011.

ECCouncil -Information Assurance Standards
      (CNSS Committee on National Security Systems 4012 4013a 4014 2015 4016

Student Certification Portals

Microsoft Student Career Portal
CompTIA Portal
CWNP Portal

Program Recognition - Shelbyville Campus

What else makes the TCAT - Shelbyville CIT program élite from other IT programs?  
Techtarget article on the CIT program (Shelbyville Campus)

Achieving Excellence Institute Program 2014

2001 - Steve Mallard - Instructor of the Year
2005- Steve Mallard recognized by
Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology - Shining Star Computer Forensics   
2011- The CIT program has been recognized as a 2011 ComputerWorld Laureate.
2012 -Steve Mallard wins IT innovation leadership award – IT Leadership Award winners showcase leadership innovation
2012 Dawn Babian recognized for Innovation and Administration of the CIT LMS system 
2013 Dawn Babian and Steve Mallard recognized by Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology-Shining Star LMS
2014 CIT program won "Excellence in Action" Award - CTE (NASDCTEc/NCTEF)
2015 CIT program alumni chosen as success story to meet the President in Knoxville Link
2015 CIT program recognized as "Excellence in Action" - CTE at White House
2016 CIT Technical Blog 
named to top 50 Must-Read Higher Ed IT Blogs


Computerworld press release.

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Please visit CompTIA for information on maintaining your certifications.

Individuals who hold multiple CompTIA certifications only need to pay the annual fees and earn CEUs for their highest level certification. Please see CompTIA's website for more information.

*Prices for exams, books and curriculum are subject to change
*Students receive two hours of lecture daily, two hours of hands on and two hours of study time/labs

The LMS system and technical blog are additional resources that supply the student with 24/7 access



Steve Mallard - Information Technology Lead Instructor 
                           IT Manager/Director

MCT, MCLC, MDST, CEI, CNDA, MCP, Net+, Server+,
Security+ A+
Microsoft Certified Learning Consultant
30+ years experience

Mike Miller - Information Technology Instructor
                      Assistant IT Manager

 A.A.S. 50+ hours 
 MCT, Net+, Server+, Security+, i-Net+, A+
 16+ years / Vocational Technical Education

Walter McCord  - Information Technology Instructor, MTEC Campus

Dawn M. Babian - Information Technology Technician


GSNA, Security+, A+, Net+, MCTS
Vocational Technical Education/ SANS - GIAC
15+ years experience


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