Industrial Maintenance- PLC-Robotics Program - The most comprehensive in the state

Picture of Industrial Maintenance-  PLC-Robotics Program - The most comprehensive in the state

The Industrial Maintenance class at TCAT Shelbyville is one of the most technical programs in the state.  Butch Arnold, instructor of the Industrial Maintenance class at the main campus has created a the most comprehensive and complex network of robots, hydrolics, plcs and industrial high-speed cameras in the state.

The PLCs which are online at the main campus can be reached through ethernet or wireless connections of computers, Microsoft Surfaces,  iPads, iPhones, Androids or tablet computers through the local network.  With the cooperation of the information technology department, the industrial maintenance class now has over 60 PLCs and touchscreens networked along with industrial high speed production cameras and robots providing training stations locally and remotely for students.

"The setup of the classroom allows real world hands-on and allows access by any mobile device or computer, the PLCs, cameras and other devices can be programmed and monitored remotely." - Butch Arnold


TCAT Shelbyville's IM class uses RSLinx Classic™ and other state-of-the-art software.  RSLinx Classic™ is the most widely installed communication server software in automation today. RSLinx Classic in industry provides plant-floor device connectivity for a variety of Rockwell Software applications such as the RSLogix™ 5/500/5000 and RSView32.

RSLinx Classic™ provides open interfaces for other third-party HMI, data collection and analysis packages.   RSLinx™ will also connect to custom client-applications. With RSLinx Classic™, the ability to support multiple software applications simultaneously is possible and the communication with a variety of devices can be controlled and programmed on different industrial networks.